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And DryTech Waterproofing

DryTech Waterproofing

Exterior Waterproofing

The DryTech process begins with protecting your existing lawn and landscaping with tarps and plywood.  We then carefully excavate the soil around the foundation.  Old drain tile and downspouts are replaced with new PVC drainage.  We repair all wall cracks with a rubberized waterproof sealant.  We then coat the entire wall with an emulsified foundation coating.  This sealant remains plyable allowing for seasonal expansion and contraction near grade without compromising the integrity of the waterproof seal.  Rubberized sheeting provides our final layer of protection.  This premium sheeting not only acts as another waterproof layer, it also protects the foundation base coating during backfill.  The trench is then backfilled with stone to within 12" from final grade.  A silt barrier is then laid down to separate the soil from the stone.  The top of the trench is then filled with soil and graded to provide proper pitch away from your foundation.  With this superior process, we confidently offer a 20-year fully transferable warranty.

DryTech carefully protects your landscaping and lawn with plywood and tarps to minimize property disturbance.

Application of premium foundation base coat.

Application of premium Waterguard Sheeting.
Our additional layer of waterproof protection.
This superior protective layer is used instead of basic plastic sheeting, used by many of our competitors.

Owners work on every job
Full stone backfill to within 12" of grade, for superior drainage.
Soil to grade for landscaping.

We treat every job as if it were our own home.  We take great pride in leaving every home clean and with minimal evidence of the extensive work that has been done.

We do not leave unsightly mounds of dirt or damage to your property.